We’ve been asked a lot of questions about where we are going on our Around the World Trip (aka RTW trip), so I thought I would answer that in my first blog post…and Derek will answer the “how and why are you doing this” question.  I’ll start by not answering the question right away, but I will get there…I promise.


First some housekeeping:

  1. I won’t be writing long blog posts.  I don’t like reading long entries, so I don’t want to subject myself or you to them.
  2. I write like I talk.  If you want a fancy writer, that’s not me.  When you read my posts, it will feel like I’m talking to you.
  3. I am an open book.  If you have a question, ask me.  You can post your comment publicly (which I prefer because it’s likely someone else will have the same question) or email me privately ( if it’s a question of a private matter. 
  4. Sign up for our newsletter so that you don’t miss anything.  We only plan to email you once a week, and will never share your email address with anyone.  Period.  You can sign up on the WPE home page or hit the SUBSCRIBE tab at  
  5. WPE stands for We Play Everywhere.  WPE was formerly my company in Houston, TX and was an incredible community of people who strived to life a playful life.  We met daily in a private FB group and monthly to play throughout Houston via different events.  I loved every minute of it, but couldn't maintain it if I wasn't in Houston.
  6. WPE 2.0 is now my and Derek’s travel/lifestyle blog.  We plan to create WPE as another business going forward, and are playing around with what we will offer.  Stay tuned!
  7. We Play Everywhere is our motto in life and marriage.  It helps us to be playful and lighthearted, no matter the circumstances.


Okay, onto the itinerary!


We are traveling for 10 months beginning Feb. 21st, 2017 and will end around Christmas 2017, but reserve the right to change all of this if inspiration or opportunity hits us.  We are planning as we go, so head to future posts for details of what we’ve done in each place.  


Here’s a loose plan of our trip:

  1. South Africa (Feb. 21st until March 25th)
    • Fly into Johannesburg stay for 3 nights to get over jet lag
    • Safari in Timbavati Private Game Reserve near Krueger National Park
    • Drive the Garden Route from George to Cape Town
    • Cape Town
  2. Zimbabwe 
    • Victoria Falls to horseback ride and white water raft
  3. Middle East (March 25th until mid April)
    • Petra, Jordan
    • Somewhere else in Jordan that I can’t recall…
    • Jerusalem, Israel
    • Tel Aviv, Israel
  4. Morocco (mid April to end of April)
    • Casablanca
    • Marakkesh
    • Any other places we are missing…
  5. Europe for 3 months (May, June, July)
    • Portugal
    • Spain
    • France
    • England
    • Ireland
    • Switzerland
    • Germany
    • Denmark
    • The Netherlands
    • Italy
    • Greece
    • Turkey
    • Croatia
    • Estonia
    • Romania
  6. Russia (end of July)
    • St. Petersburg
    • Moscow…where we’ll catch the TranSiberian Railroad through Mongolia to Beijing 
  7. China & Japan (August)
  8. Southeast Asia (September, October, November)
    • Thailand
    • Cambodia
    • Vietnam
    • Laos
    • Phillipines
    • Bhutan
    • Bali
  9. Australia & New Zealand (December)


We’d like to include India in our line-up, but haven’t figured out where it will fit.  FYI…all of this may change.  We aren’t world travelers who book a RTW plane ticket and map it all out.  We are the kind of travelers who like to plan as we go.  I’ll write another post about why we like to do it this way and the pros/cons.  It's good to know which one you are, just in case you decide on a life experience like this one.


This isn't detailed, but at least you know what we are loosely planning.  Now it’s time to stop writing...a safari ride is calling my name.


Thanks for reading, and as always…go play everywhere!