Best Cookie in the World

Every year on Labor Day weekend...since mother would make the best cookie in the world. 

Monster cookies.

Labor Day falls close to my birthday and also my sister's, a special time indeed...especially because my mother is famous for everything coming out of her kitchen.

And let me be clear...despite constant, persistent and varied begging for these cookies any other time than Labor mother didn't crack.  I never saw these cookies but once a year.

Me, 4, Eva, 2, patiently waiting for that year's batch of Monster cookies.  We had 4 more months...

Me, 4, Eva, 2, patiently waiting for that year's batch of Monster cookies.  We had 4 more months...


She made approximately 225 Monster cookies every birthday, and they filled an entire garbage can (where she stored them).  We shared them with our extended family, friends classmates, neighbors, swim team, and anyone we met.


I think people from my childhood must still be dreaming of these cookies!


So without further is the recipe.  I have modified the recipe so you can make them  in an afternoon (by quartering the recipe), and international measurements are included too.


I hope you make them...share them...and create a  family tradition as my mother did for me and my sis. 


Please be sure to tag me on IG @annakmorris_...I can't wait to see them all over the world!



*****Add wet ingredients together first, then add oatmeal, then the chocolate.*****

4 sticks room temperature salted or unsalted butter (I use salted butter. Do not microwave, it makes it too greasy.)

1 Tbsp Karo Syrup

3 lbs peanut butter (48 oz)

12 eggs

1 Tbsp vanilla

4 cups brown sugar

4 cups white sugar

8 tsp baking soda

18 cups oatmeal

1 lb chocolate chips (use more)

1 lb M&M’s (use more)


Oven at 325 degrees

Bake on parchment paper for 10-12 minutes.  I like to use a small ice cream scooper to create them on the cookie sheet.  And watch that the bottom of the cookie doesn’t burn.  Depending on where you put them in your stove, they can be burned easily.

Take them out when they don’t look quite done for chewy cookies (they are best that way!)

This makes approximately 220 cookies, depending on how big you make them.  Plan for some time in the kitchen….or divide the cookie dough, freeze and make fresh whenever you like.




For a smaller portion, use this:

3 eggs

1 stick butter (1/2 cup or 110g or 4 oz)

1/4 Tbsp Karo (4.4 mL)

1/4 Tbsp vanilla (4.4 mL)

2 tsp baking soda (11.8 mL)

1 cup sugar (284 mL or 10 oz))

1 cup brown sugar (10 oz)

12 oz peanut butter

4.5 cups oatmeal (45 oz)

4 oz chocolate chips (use more)

4 oz M&M’s (use more)


Makes approximately 56 small cookies.



Please eat responsibly.  Eating more than 2 at a time is dangerous because you may not be able to stop.  You can of course eat 2 cookies multiple times a day. 

Not to exceed 8 in one day please.


Happy baking and eating,



P.S.  Please don't blame me or my mother for any weight gained.  I recommend ramping up your workouts when consuming...and eat healthily otherwise:).





Anna Kauppila Morris