Join us in Oaxaca

Oct 27th - Nov 3rd 2018


Shopping…Cuisine…Markets…Mezcal…Photography…Artisans…the famous Dia de los Muertos Festival…and more!

We’ve planned it all - from guided city tours, local cooking classes, mezcal tastings, daily yoga and visits to artisan villages…it’s done.

Now all you have to do is book your spot.

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About us


We're Anna and Derek. 

Nice to meet you!  We're thrilled you found us...better late than never.

We had "normal" lives — corporate jobs, a mortgage, and lived for the weekends.

We wanted more.  We wanted to be out in the world.  We needed to travel.  

In 2017 we left it all behind and traveled to 30 countries in 10 months.  

We did what most people only talk about doing.  And we're still doing it!

We currently live on a Mexican beach (Todos Santos, if you've heard of it?) with our Tex Mex rescue dogs (Barney is a Texan, Duke is a Mexican) while we plan our next adventure— an epic road trip through the US and Canada.

We honestly believe that ANYTHING is possible with the right plan.  

We want to help YOU get YOUR anything.  

Sometimes you need to follow someone who has gone first. 

We hope that's why you're here...and we look forward to "meeting" you.


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