About the Community:


We Play Everywhere is a global community of people who love to travel, inspire and support others. 

Derek and I made a lot of friends while traveling the world in 2017, and as a way to stay in touch with everyone...we created this group.  At We Play Everywhere you'll find fellow world travellers, business owners of the places we love, clients we've helped plan trips for and people who have cheered us on from their homes while living vicariously through our travels.


What you need to know is that no matter what category you're in....YOU ARE WELCOME HERE.  

We believe life works better when you surround yourself with the right people so we've created this community to do just that!


We exist to make sure that your travel dreams don't stay dreams....they turn into your reality.  


What you get:


  • Access to the private FB group of friends all over the world passionate about travel.


  • Discover new travel destinations as other members share their experiences. 


  • Get immediate answers to your travel questions in the private FB group.


  • A Membership Vault filled with:

    • tip sheets to make your travel planning even easier 

    • location itineraries from our personal experience and our local experts

    • "weekly roundup" of what we learned in the FB group...for those people not on FB


  • Priority pricing on our travel-inspired products and carefully curated trips....want to come to Oaxaca with us, but missed the early bird deadline for $1500?  No problem, you always get the early bird pricing!  Or want a Mexican bag, but don't want to spend $90?  No problem, they are $80 for members...and you get first dibs on everything we offer.


  • NEW FRIENDS!  You are going to "meet" people in the FB group who become lifelong friends...we promise.  In our previous WPE community in 2015, people met their soulmates because of us, just sayin!  We're good, REAL GOOD, at finding great people to play in the world with!


How it works:


  • Click the button "JOIN NOW" to join (totally obvious)!


  • Fill out the form to join.  It's free to join thru July 31st 2018.  Starting August 1st, join for a one-time / lifetime payment of $59


  • You'll get an email confirmation with details to join the private FB Group and Membership Vault.   


  • Join the FB Group.  This is where it all happens!!!!  Get your daily inspiration, see where people are going, meet new members, perhaps even meet up with someone during your travels.  We have a daily topic to get people connected, inspired and supported.  Never a dull moment in this group!


  • Log in to the Membership Vault.  Here you'll find helpful resources to make trip planning a breeze.  Download them into a folder so you can read them when you're ready to plan your next adventure!


Join for free thru July 31 2018. 

After July 31st, get lifetime access for a one-time fee of $59 (USD)