Valerie Hoover, Houston Texas, USA

Anna and Derek have the best travel advice. I have been following their adventures around the world via social media and they have expanded my perspective on different countries, culture, food, and building relationships while abroad.

When I was booking a trip to Hong Kong, I was delighted to see it was on their itinerary, and as they explored the country and documented their experiences, it made me more excited for my travel. I reached out to Anna with questions about Hong Kong and she responded immediately, thoroughly, and with such enthusiasm and info.

Ultimately my trip was successful due to her recommendations and insights. As I plan future travels, I look to Anna and Derek for their guidance as fun, realistic, and credible travel experts.


Roger and Albina, HoustoN texas usa

Many people talk about letting go of their corporate chains and neatly structured lives and creating a life of travel, adventure, passion and purpose. Anna and Derek actually made the leap and did it.

They have inspired us to take a year off and travel and experience the world with our family with our hearts wide open due to their example of authentic and purposeful living and sharing. I cannot wait to see what we discover.  


Pia FennelL, DUblin ireland

I met Anna right before she and Derek began their trip, and I eagerly followed their progress on social media. Their adventures looked amazing, but I was really struck with how organized they were, and how easy the whole process looked - though I’m sure it wasn’t. Logistics are the un-sexy part of travel, and helping other people come to grips with them is really quite something. 


Mollie McGlocklin & blake eastman, new york city

Derek & Anna were invaluable to us as we made the transition from NYC dwellers to International "digital nomads"!

Even our luggage choice was influenced by these 2! Forever grateful for their worldly knowledge and example of what's possible! 


Alexis Meads, portland oregon usa

I met Anna and Derek on a trip to Mexico last year. We instantly connected with them, and were thrilled to have friends to spend time with on the trip. We were so inspired by their positivity, openness, and willingness to help.Anna is extremely driven, spending much of her time during the trip working on her business, and gave me helpful ideas for my own. We’ve stayed in touch ever since, and they continue to be my go-to people when I need some inspiration to think outside the box, and live my life to its fullest! 

Jonathan Sneed, houston texas usa

Anna and Derek have a unique ability to make genuine friendships fast - like instantly. They are the ultimate relationship brokers; never superficial, connection created by or through them is always based on purpose, shared interests, tastes, and values. Oh yeah, and it always leads to a great time!

No matter where they are in the world, they shine a light on the power of connection and remind us what it means to embrace the complexities of life through shared humanity. 

Niamh Keogh , dublin ireland

During my travels, one morning in Phi Phi, I got chatting to @annakmorris_ and @derekbmorris , an outrageously sound couple who ordered half of the menu at @aroykaffeine, so automatically I knew we had common interests 😂 #Food. Long story short, they sold their home, quit their jobs, made sure their dogs were in safe hands and made a plan to travel the world, one country, activity, candid photo/drone shot, meal and sunset at a time.

Absolute mad eejets I would never have the bottle to do that 😂🙌🏼 Since following their trip, I’ve been inspired to try and change my outlook on life and be a bit more positive and led a proactive not reactive life 🙌🏼 They are so incredibly grateful, optimistic, creative and brave. I hope you don’t mind me sharing your letter, but it was one of the nicest gestures I’ve received. Im at a loss as to where I send my reply, you’re always on the move 😂 I wish the best of luck with your new business venture, I have no doubt it was what you were both destined to pursue, and if I ever win the lotto/go on honeymoon, you’ll 100% be my travel agent

Chelsea Griffiths.jpg

Chelsea Griffiths, toronto canada

It was incredible to see how simple and FUN Anna and Derek made traveling. Their honest opinions while experiencing a new destination was helpful to many and I found myself forwarding or tagging individuals who I knew were heading to that particular destination in the near future.

The content they shared wasn’t all roses and unicorns, sometimes is was ugly and the true life experiences travelers can face and I appreciated the way they shared their story.

I was glad to virtually share the journey with you! #wherenext? 

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Alexandra Gilmore, Sydney australia

I met Derek and Anna in Bali while visiting a not-so-ordinary destination in the mountains of Ubud. Just like the destination, Anna and Derek were also completely captivating and we instantly became friends! 

They welcomed me to share a meal while on holiday. I then welcomed them to see the sites at their next stop and my hometown - Sydney, Australia! 

Both Anna and Derek have a true zest for new experience and they conquer each new location with an ease that I know takes planning and precision - Anna is restaurants and Accomodation, Derek logistics and drone operator extraordinaire! 

Wherever they are in the world they make every moment a truly memorable experience and in doing so, attract a following of wanderlust enthusiasts - good vibes only with these two!